Tetras - A great choice for nearly all Fish Keepers



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Tetras - A great choice for nearly every Fish Keeper

Tetras are one of the best choices for the beginning fish keeper. Their family, the Characins is one of the oldest as well as one of the most prolific on the planet, which is a good testimonial to how hardy these little fish are! In fact, even the smallest tetras have a life span of up to five years. Tetras are easy-care, lively, unaggressive. Although tetras are indigenous to both African and South America, those kept in aquarium guide home aquariums are typically the South American varieties.

Body shapes range from long and narrow to short and stout. If color is important, there is certainly a tetra that meets your specifications! Cardinal and neon tetras are small, slender fish that are red, silver-white, and blue. The biggest difference between them is that the red stripe of the neon begins at its dorsal fin and ends at its tail while the stripe on the cardinal extends from head to tail.

The black neon tetra also has a head to tail stripe. Instead of a red stripe, the black neon has a thick black stripe from head to tail. In place of the blue stripe of the cardinal, the black neon has a dark green stripe, which runs through the upper portion of its eye and is displayed in the eye as red. If black is your color of choice, there are several tetras to suit. The Belgian Flag Tetra is a silver-bodied fish with a transparent upper body. It has a red lateral stripe with a darker, wider black stripe underneath. It has clear fins with black highlights on the caudal fin. The black widow tetra is a dark silver fish with vertical black lines behind its eyes and fins etched in black. The black phantom tetra has a transparent body with black highlights, most noticeably a black patch over its heart.

Yellow tetras include the lemon tetra, the pretty tetra, and the golden tetra and of course, the yellow tetra. For some real flash in your aquarium, consider the jeweled tetra, the head and tail light tetra, the glowlight tetra, the glass tetra or the flame tetra.

Tetras generally are omnivorous, prefer well-planted aquariums, and like to live in schools of six or more of their kind. One of the wonderful things about them is that their species has enough diversity to make even a small ten-gallon aquarium an interesting and attractive part of your aquarium guide home.

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