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Tetra Fish

Tetra Fish are one of the most common aquarium species that you can get. They come in many colors and varieties, from the Neon Tetra Fish to the Blue Diamond Tetra. They can grow anywhere from a few centimeters to a few inches, and can add color and personality to any freshwater fish tank. Most members op the Tetra Family are fairly easy to care for.

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As the tetra fish are so common, you can find them at almost any store that carries freshwater aquarium fish. They will run you anywhere from a few dollars and up. These fish are very adaptable, surviving in water anywhere from 68 to 78 degree water with moderate PH levels to acidic levels . As these fish will eat almost anything that you are willing to feed it, from flaked to live food, these fish make perfect additions to a tank where easy keeping is a requirement while having a little color and variety.

Tetra's are a treat to the eye when they move trough your nicely planted community tank.

However, there are a few things that you should be aware of before you purchase a Tetra fish. First, you need to make certain that your tank is cycled. A cycling tank is difficult on a fish, as the chemical levels within the water stress them out. Before you add a Tetra of any variety, make certain that your tank is cycled.

All members of the Tetra Family love a well planted tank, and feel most comfortable in groups of at least 5 - 10 members of the same species.

In addition to this, you will need to make certain that the fish you are purchasing is not dyed. Dyed fish are less healthy and hearty than undyed fish, and lose their color over time. Another aspect of dyeing, which is highly unpleasant to fish lovers, is the process that the fish are dyed. As it is very rough and painful for them, 80% of dyed fish are killed during the process.

Once you bring aquarium guide home your Tetra fish, it is important that you keep up on your water changes. Unlike species like the Siamese fighting fish, Neon Tetras and other varieties of Tetras are sensitive to water quality. Feeding times should also be consistent in order to give your fish the best life possible. If you keep up with these simple requirements, you will be able to enjoy your fish for years to come.

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