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Glow Light Tetras are a Fun, Active and Colorful Addition to any Aquarium

Some of the most fun that you can have as a fish keeper is when you take a visit to the fish store to search out new fish for your tank. If you are looking for an excellent community fish, that is colorful and active, than you should try out Glow Light Tetras and Neon Tetras. Glow Light Tetras are a relatively small fish that works very well in a community tank. Tetra Fish is almost always a good addition to your community aquarium

Glow Light Tetras are a freshwater fish that originally comes from South America. These Tetras are a non-aggressive community fish therefore they should be kept with other non-aggressive fish. Be sure that you do not place them in an aquarium with larger fish that eat smaller fish, or they will be bullied and the Tetra’s will be stressed.

Glow Light Tetras are very colorful and attractive fish. They are a metallic dark silver color with a orange-red stripe that runs the length of their body. This orange-red stripe tends to become darker as the fish age, which can result in beautiful older fish. If you place Glow Light Tetras in a tank that has a dark bottom and subdued lighting, they will glow particularly bright.

When you place a group of Glow Light Tetras in your aquarium you will notice that they exhibit schooling behavior. These fish are generally quite active and they tend to stay in the middle of the tank.

Glow Light Tetras do not grow to be a very large fish, when they are full grown they will likely range in size from 1-1/2” to 1-3/4”. Because they are a community fish, they make a beautiful addition to any community tank, and will add beautiful color.

Glow Light Tetras are a relatively easy fish to care for, and therefore they make an excellent choice for a beginner fish. Because they are active and colorful, they also make great fish for children, as they are a lot of fun to watch.

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