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Black Phantom Tetra

The black phantom tetra (megalamphodus megalopterus) is another member of the characin family of tetra fish and displays some very distinguishing characteristics, making it a fascinating addition to the community aquarium.

The male’s large dorsal fin and understated achromatic color that range from near transparent to darkest inky black give this 1 inch tetra an air of elegance. Conversely, the female black phantom tetra wears her heart on her sleeve, or at least her fins. More colorful than the male, her red adipose, pectoral, and anal fins add to unusual contrast between tetra mates.

Two male black phantom tetras will often spar in entertaining mock battles that generally result in no harm done to either combatant. Like other tetras, the black phantom tetra is typically a peaceful fish that acclimates well to community life. In fact, they like company so well, that fish keepers are cautioned to keep at least two, since a single fish will often actually waste away and die!. Keep them in schools of at least five members.

Like other characins, the black phantom tetra will do best in a tank that is well planted in the back and at the sides with plenty of open room in the center for swimming. Robust plantings in your aquarium not only help diffuse bright light, but also provide shy tetras with hiding places that can keep them from becoming overly stressed.

Black phantom tetras can live on tropical fish flake food, but they show their best colors, like other tetras, when their standard diet is supplemented with live foods like brine shrimp.

Feeding tetras a live diet is also crucial to getting them ready for spawning and if you keep black phantom tetras, chances are you will want to breed them if only to see a most impressive display while courting.

Again, like other family members, black phantom tetras are egg scatterers who will spawn in fine-leaved plants.

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