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Metal Halide Aquarium Lighting

When you are researching lighting solutions for your aquarium, metal halide aquarium lighting fixtures should be among the first types that you consider. These bulbs provide a higher concentration of light than normal fluorescent and non-fluorescent bulbs, allowing them to give any plants all of the energy they require in order to grow as healthy as possible.

However, metal halide aquarium lighting is among the most expensive types of fixtures to own, and should only be used under certain conditions. For fresh water aquarium lighting, these bulb types should only be used if you are planning on having a deeper aquarium with live plants, or if you desire the glitter effect.

The glitter effect is one of the most fascinating benefits of metal halide aquarium lighting. If you are a diver, you will know this effect from marine situations, where broken water and the light from the sun will cause very attractive "glittering" effects that draw the eye. While this effect is not as noticeable in fresh water as it is in marine aquariums, with enough water movement on the surface, the glitter effect can add a pleasant appearance to the aquarium.

If you are planning on working with a marine tank, metal halide aquarium lighting is a requirement. Keeping many varieties of coral and other marine species requires natural light in order for the basics of their survival. Out of all of the types of lights available, metal halide aquarium lighting fixtures are the only type to get as close to nature sunlight as possible. This is one of the reasons that the glitter effect is only present under this variety of fixture.

There are several factors dependent to each tank that will affect how long you should keep your metal halide aquarium lighting on per day. Before you purchase your lights or set up your aquarium, you will need to research the species of fish and coral to know how long of an exposure is required in order to keep your coral and fish as healthy as possible without encouraging the growth of unwanted bacteria or algae.

With the proper time and care, you will be able to determine whether or not metal halide aquarium lighting is right for you.

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