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Sponge Filters are Easy to Use

Aquariums need some type of filtration to keep your aquarium free from waste that can set up. Sponge filters are an internal form of biological filtrations that helps to keep your aquarium clean and the water safe for your exotic fish.

What happens when you use sponge filters, is that the water goes through the sponge and then is pumped back into the water column. While the water goes through the sponge filter bacteria grows in the sponge instead of in your aquarium. These bacteria play an important role in keeping and maintaining a biological balance in your fish tank. For example these bacteria use and amount of oxygen and produce CO2. And that is what the plants in your aquarium need to grow and flourish and take on their part of the cleaning process in your tank.

Sponge filters are a wonderful way to keep your aquarium clean and are also inexpensive. They are great for even large aquariums and some large fish if you clean the aquarium sponge filter. Sponge filters work best with aquariums that have gentle water flow.

Usually the waste begins to cover the sponge filter in about one month’s time and needs to be cleaned. But, if your fish produce a lot of waste you may have to clean the filter more often.

Cleaning a sponge filter is very easy and only takes a few seconds. What you do is while you are doing your partial water change; you remove the filter and rinse it in the water that you have taken from the aquarium. This way you still keep the bacteria bed intact.

Finding sponge filters is so easy! You can find them at most stores that sell aquarium supplies and even online. You will find that several different companies manufacture sponge filters and the price does vary from company to company. You may find that it can be cheaper to buy online than to try to find a store that sells the sponge filter that you want.

In my opinion Eheim produces the best and most reliable sponge and biological aquarium filters on the market. But then, to be honest I like them so much I never tried an other brand.

Just remember, sponge filters are an easy and affordable way to keep your fish happy in a clean, ammonia free environment.

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