The Different Types of Aquarium Filters



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The Different Types of Aquarium Filters

There are several different types of aquarium filters on the market today that will help keep your aquarium clean and free from waste. But, you may not understand the different types of filters and which one you need for your fish tank.

The different types of aquarium filters can be broken down into these categories: the undergravel filter, the power filter, the canister filter, and the sponge filter. There are more but these are the basic aquarium filters that most people use for their exotic fish aquariums.

The undergravel aquarium filter is similar to a built in sewage treatment for your tropical fish’s aquarium guide home. The filter completely covers the bottom of the aquarium and then you place gravel on top. There are lift tubes on this filter that extend up and close to the surface of the water. A water pump is used to pull the water through these tubes. As long as there is water flow the filter will be keeping a bacteria bed that will kill any ammonia that may be in your fish tank.

The power filter is a filter system that attaches to the outside of your aquarium. The water is pumped through lift tubes and into the filter and then after flowing through the filtration is returned to the tank. As long as the water is flowing through the filtration system of this filter, bacteria will grow and will keep your tank free of harmful waste.

The canister filter is a larger filter for your aquarium that will either sit on the floor beside your fish tank or even inside of a cabinet. It basically works the same as the power filter only it does not attach to the aquarium.

Sponge filters for your aquarium come in all different sizes, shapes and styles. The bacteria bed is made inside this filter and you can clean the filter as you clean your aquarium.

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