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A Canister Aquarium Filter is an Excellent Choice for Larger Tanks

If you are new to tropical fish keeping you may be wondering what type of filter you will need to keep your aquarium clean. There are many different types of filters, there are diatom filters, canister aquarium filters, under gravel filters, wet/dry filters, and power filters. A canister aquarium filter may be the perfect choice for you depending on what type of fish tank you are keeping or thinking of keeping.

A canister aquarium filter is the perfect choice if you have an aquarium that contains a large amount of fish, or fish that are very messy eaters and/or generate a lot of waste. To be effective a canister filter must be cleaned frequently, generally this means that it should be cleaned once a week.

As mentioned, a canister aquarium filter should be cleaned weekly, if not even more frequently than that. These filters should not be used for reef tanks unless you intend to clean them daily. If you want to use a canister aquarium filter for a reef tank, you will have to make the commitment to keep the filter very clean.

A canister aquarium filter is generally put on the floor next to the aquarium, although sometimes they can hang from the tank itself. Because you will have to clean the canister filter frequently it is recommended that you use quick disconnect valves on the filter in order to minimize water spillage when you remove it to clean it.

A canister aquarium filter is an efficient way to keep your tropical fish aquarium clean and free from debris. They work by having water pump moderately through the filter material which is usually a micron filter cartridge. Because of the frequency of cleaning that will need to be done and the way that the filters need to be cleaned, it is usually a good idea to keep extra cartridges on hand to avoid any problems.

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