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Awesome Hagen filters

Hagen has some very unique filters that are wonderful for all types of aquariums. Their most popular filters include the Elite® Stingray, the Aqua Clear Filters, and Fluval Internal Filters.

The Elite® Stingray by Hagen is an underwater filtration system that will improve the water quality and is low maintenance. The filter is designed to be suctioned to the glass of your aquarium. It is a very nice and simple design that will not hinder the appearance of your aquarium. The features of this Hagen filer are operation of the filter is quiet, easy to use and set up, easy care features, each filter uses two carbon/zeolite cartridges, one foam pad for the rear of the filter and one filter pad for the interior of the filter.

The Aqua Clear Filters by Hagen attaches to the side of your aquarium. This line of filters is designed for different size fish tanks ranging from 5 gallons to 110 gallons. They use all the best technology for maintaining a clean environment for your tropical fish. The filtration system uses a mechanical, chemical, and biological method to ensure that the water is completely filtered through the media and all waste is cleaned. This filer system comes with a lifetime manufacture’s warranty.

The next favorite Hagen filter is the Fluval Internal filter. This one looks like a tower and can be placed in a corner of your tank. You can use plants to disguise the filter and it will not distract the exotic fish or the beauty of your aquarium. The compact design is great and many people use this filtration system for low water fish tanks for turtle or reptiles. It can be used for aquariums up to 57 gallons.

When you are looking for filters for your aquarium, check out the full line of Hagen filters before you purchase. You will be glad you did

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