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Types of Aquarium Biological Filters

If you are looking for aquarium biological filters for your tropical fish tank then you will be glad to know that these filters are the best on the market for maintaining and keeping your aquarium at a safe and clean environment for all of your exotic fish.

These biological filters for your tropical fish aquarium are a place for bacteria to grow. Your fish really need this because the bacterium that is created will eat the ammonia that is made from waste products. An added important process is that these bacteria also produce CO2 during the digestion of waste products. Your plants “eat” CO2 to produce O2 for your fish to breathe and carbohydrates for your plants themselves to grow.

The different types of aquarium biological filters are the canister style, live rock, live sand, and undergravel. All of these types of fish tank filters are great for keeping your aquarium clean. The canister style aquarium filters come in an array of different styles and sizes that will give you more options. Many people prefer the live rock or live sand for their fish tanks. The undergravel is very popular among aquarium hobbyists as it is similar to a sewage treatment system that covers the bottom of your aquarium.

When choosing which biological filter you wish to use for your exotic fish aquarium you should learn which type is best for the size of your tank, the amount of waste your fish produce and even the speed of water flow. Each one of these items will help you know the best biological filter to use with your aquarium.

The speed of the water going through the biological filters is one important item to consider. The faster the flow the more bacteria is produced. But, some substances such as sand may not flow through the system properly and cause your tubes to your filters to clog. They can be cleaned but until you clean them your fish are not in a clean environment free of waste that causes them to become sick. So, ask a few questions to ensure you purchase the correct aquarium biological filters.

When you install a biological filter it’s always a good idea to use a good filter starter. You can buy that at the aquarium store. The filter starter contains a small amount of the right bacteria you want to multiply in your biological filter.

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