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Aquarium Wet/Dry Filters

Aquarium Wet/Dry filters are a popular choice among many aquarium owners. However, there are a few things that you need to know about this type of filtration system before you purchase one of your own. First, you need to understand how these filters work. Unlike the most common filters, these filters use several stages in order to filter the water. First, the water is passed through an initial filter, which removes the waste from the water. Then, it is pumped up the filtering chamber where it is aerated and passed through a secondary filter. The aeration is the primary filtering aspect of these filters.

The downside to aquarium wet/dry filters is the fact that they are nitrate farms. The method used allows nitrates to flourish, which is acceptable for fish-only tanks. If you have a marine reef tank, then you will want to select a different type of filtration system, as these are unsuitable for reef environments.

If you are using aquarium wet/dry filters, you will need to make certain that you are vigilant in your cleaning of the medias used in the filter. This is important, as waste built up in these filters are nesting grounds for nutrients and bacteria that you do not want in your aquarium. Due to this, they tend to be of higher maintenance than the normal sponge and power filters that come with most aquariums.

If you are willing to do the work required to maintain aquarium wet/dry filters, your fish-only aquarium can benefit by better aerated water as well as the base nutrients that your fish need to survive. However, if you fail to maintain the filter and the media within it, your fish will be at risk. Before you make use of these filters, it is prudent that you take the time and effort to make certain you know how often your specific filter needs cleaned and maintained. With the proper care and research, you should be able to give your fish the healthy environment that they deserve.

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