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Aquarium Foam Block Filters

Aquarium Foam block filters are one of the types of filters that many people do not consider unless they intend on breeding their fish. Unlike power filters and wet/dry filters, foam filters make use of a sponge or piece of foam to filter out dead material without capturing small fry in the filter and killing them. These are gentle alternatives to power filters and wet/dry filters, allowing even the most delicate of fry to have the clean water that they need to survive.

Aquarium foam block filters are a staple unit in the breeding world. While they are not powerful enough to handle the bio load on a normal aquarium, they make it possible for breeding tanks and grow out tanks to have filtration without unnecessary risk to the baby fish.

Like other filters, aquarium foam block filters require maintenance in order to be able to function properly. However, unlike power filters and wet/dry filters, these filters need to be cleaned more often, due to the type of filter they are. As the sponge or foam captures the waste, you need to remove the waste from the sponge in order to prevent the build up of bacteria and diseases. As fry are exceptionally susceptible to disease, this is very important.

If you are using aquarium foam block filters for fry, you will need to check the water on the aquarium frequently. In addition to this, you will need to make certain that you clean the foam block at every water change to remove the collected waste. If you do not do this, you will lose all of the benefits of these filters.

While requiring more time and care than other filter types, aquarium foam block filters are among the best types of filters available, if you use it for the correct purposes. In most cases, these filter types are unacceptable for many full fledged aquariums, although some aquarium stores will use them for their fish tanks, as they are a cheap alternative to power filters. With the proper care, you can have all of the benefits of these filters, while giving your fry the environment they need for survival.

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