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Lake Malawi Cichlids

Lake Malawi Cichlids are among some of the most diverse and beautiful cichlid species in the known world. With well over one hundred different species, the Lake Malawi cichlid is not a specific fish, but a series of different species that co-inhabit the same lake located in the wilds of Africa.

Lake Malawi Cichlids are known to be some of the most popular cichlid species for new and old aquarium owners alike. While these fish are renown for being aggressive, a popular set up Cichlid tank can be a colorful and interesting affair to maintain. And while these fish have the reputation of being aggressive, there are numerous species that are peaceful algae eaters and larvae eaters that can be placed with a wide variety of different species from around the world without aggressiveness becoming a problem within your tank.

The Lake Malawi Cichlid is a freshwater species that prefers a wide range of tropical temperatures which is dependent on the section of the lake that they originate from.

As Lake Malawi cichlids are especially diverse, you will need to research the specifics of the species before making any purchases. Some of the research you will need to make certain you complete include aquarium compatibility, PH ranges, diet, and aggressiveness levels.

Selecting the most colorful and beautiful Cichlids can allow for a gorgeous tank, although the health and quality of your fish can not be guaranteed unless you are certain of the compatibility between each of these species. As some of the Lake Malawi Cichlid are pure carnivores, you will also need to make certain that your area allows feeder fish to be bought and used, or you can arrange for a supplement for your fishes diet.

The most important thing that you should remember about the Lake Malawi cichlids is that most of these species get to be of large sizes, some up to over a foot in length. On account of this, you will need to make certain that you have a tank that will provide enough swimming room and hiding places for these fish.

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