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Keeping discus is a Challenging and Rewarding Hobby

You may have heard that discus cichlids are a very hard fish to keep in your aquarium guide home aquarium. You may have heard that when keeping discus they are very particular about the water conditions and that they do not get along well with other fish. Keeping discus is more challenging than keeping other fish, however it does not have to be hard, and it is definitely not impossible.

It is true that when keeping discus they do require optimum water conditions. Discus fish require their water temperature to be between 82 and 86 F and they also must have a pH between 5 and 6.5. It is important to be sure that the water in the discus aquarium is clean with no toxins such as ammonia and chlorine.

Despite all of the requirements that discus cichlids have for their water conditions it does not have to be difficult to care for them. When keeping discus the best thing that you can do is invest in an excellent filtration system for your discus aquarium. It is also important to conduct periodic tests on the water conditions to be sure that the pH is correct and that there is no contaminants in the water.

It is also untrue that discus fish cannot be a community fish. When keeping discus fish you may want to have other types of fish as well. And you can keep other types of fish, as long as they are the proper types. As well as worrying about whether or not the other fish will get along with the discus personality, you have to worry about whether the fish will thrive in the same water conditions as discus.

Good choices for adding other fish to your aquarium when keeping discus are certain types of tetras and other cichlids. You may have to experiment a bit, but if you have a large enough tank you should be able to raise a number of types of fish all in the same aquarium.

Keeping discus is very rewarding and it does not have to be difficult. With the proper care and sufficient attention your discus cichlids will thrive!

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