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Dwarf Cichlids

If you are interested in cichlids, but you do not have the room for one, you might want to consider investing in dwarf cichlids. These small fish, while members of the cichlid family, do not get to be as large as their cousins. Dwarf cichlids allow you to get the beauty, aggressiveness and grace of a cichlid without requiring a 75 gallon tank to have a few.

Dwarf cichlids, like other members of the cichlid family, require good water quality, a healthy diet and space. While they do not require huge tanks, unlike their cousins, you will still need at least 20 gallons, or even more, for some of these species. Tank mates should also be selected based on the level of aggressiveness that your new dwarf cichlids possess, water temperature and PH. These aspects are very important, as incompatible species will result in the death of some of your new fish.

Dwarf cichlids come in a variety of different shapes, colors and sizes. As there are many breeders who enjoy smaller fish with the same traits as the full grown cichlids, many have worked on taking the smaller fish of the fry and breeding them to produce smaller fish. This is the primary source of these fish, which gives everyone a chance to enjoy and own fish of the cichlid family.

Before you purchase dwarf cichlids, it is important that your tank is cycled. A cycling tank adds a lot of stress to a fish that has just been transported, and can result in illness or death. Should you lose a cycle on a tank, most dwarf cichlids will survive, although it will negatively affect their lifespan. By taking the care to make certain you do your water changes on time and give them everything they need in their aquatic environment, you should be able to enjoy your dwarf cichlids for years to come.

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