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Discus Cichlids are Enjoyable and Rewarding Fish to Raise

When you set up your fresh water aquarium for the first time you will have to make a decision on what type of fish you want to raise. Are you looking for bright, colorful fish that get along well with other species of fish? Or would you prefer a beautiful fish that is full of personality? If you are looking for fish that are interesting as well as beautiful than discus cichlids are the perfect choice for you. With discus cichlids you will never be bored.

Discus cichlids are fresh water fish that come from the Amazon Rivers. They were discovered in the 1940ís although they were not successfully bred in captivity until the late 1950ís. Now you can find many different types of discus cichlids, including a wide variety of hybrids.

If you are just starting out with discus care and you are not sure what type of discus cichlids to buy and raise, there are a few types that are easier than others. A good choice for a starter discus is the Brown Discus. This fish is relatively inexpensive due to mass breeding and it is easy to care for.

Another good choice for people who are starting out with discus cichlids is the Blue Discus. This fish is more expensive than the Brown discus, however as the name implies, it does have more color. There are blue lines from the head to the flanks, and the more lines that the fish has, the more expensive the fish will be.

Discus cichlids are very rewarding fish to raise, although some people think of them as very difficult fish to keep. Discus fish get the reputation as finicky fish because they like their water to be just right. Discuses enjoy optimum water conditions including the proper pH levels, soft water, and water free from chemicals and additives.

With the proper care and attention, discus cichlids are extremely rewarding fish to raise and breed. And they will provide you with hours of entertainment.

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