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As a Discus Breeder, you will be rewarded over and Over again

Are you looking for something more out of your aquarium? Perhaps you have been keeping fish for quite awhile and now you are looking to take it to the next level. If you raise discus you can easily become a discus breeder by taking a few proper steps and preparing correctly. As a discus breeder you will not only create an enjoyable hobby but perhaps an extra income as well.

Discus breeding does not have to be difficult, in fact as a discus breeder if you prepare correctly and take the proper steps you will soon be rewarded with a number of discus fry.
The first thing that you have to know as a discus breeder is that discus breed differently than many other fresh water fish. Many fresh water fish that are readily bred in captivity are generally separated from their parents shortly after the eggs hatch. Discus fish however cannot be separated from the parent fish until they are a few weeks old. This was not discovered until the late 1950s, and therefore discus were not successfully bred until the late 50s despite many efforts.

The reason that discus young cannot be separated from the parent fish is because the parent fish secrete a mucus substance on their scales after the eggs are laid and fertilized. This mucus becomes the frys only source of nourishment for the first few weeks of life. As a discus breeder you will have to separate the fry from the parent fish after a few weeks once they are sufficiently weaned from the parent fish.

A good food to wean discus fry on is fresh baby brine shrimp. As a discus breeder you should have a large supply of fresh brine shrimp on hand. This is an excellent food to wean the baby discus on because of the nourishment that they provide. Fresh brine shrimp however is quite a bit better than frozen or dried, as much of the vitamins are lost during the freezing and drying process.

Once you become a discus breeder you will find yourself rewarded by watching the young discus grow and flourish. What an excellent way to share your love of discus cichlids.

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