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Choosing the Proper Discus Food is Essential for Fish to Thrive

If you have decided to become a serious discus breeder, or even if you would like to breed your discus fish as a hobby, you will need to provide the proper discus food for your fish. You might be thinking, “Discus food? Can’t I just feed them anything?” But to provide proper discus care, you will need to provide the best mixture of food possible for your fish.

Discus fish are by nature, omnivorous fish, which means that they eat meat as well as plant material. It is important to include a mixture of meat and plant material in the discus food. When you go into any fish supply store you will be faced with a vast selection of various types of fish food. And it is important to know what you are looking for before making a choice.

Discus, like other fish may not be inclined to eat certain types of food, however, they can often be trained to eat any type of food over time. The most common type of discus food is flaked food. Flaked food does provide a good base for discus care. Most of these foods are nutritionally sound and most discus will eat the flakes with little problem.

However, if you decide to use flaked food as your primary discus food you must remember to supplement this with other food choices. Flaked food is thought to provide intestinal blockages in discus fish which will mean that your fish will be off balance and may even stand on their head. The other problem is that flaked food will cloud the tank and make it dirty.

Another excellent choice for discus food is live brine shrimp. Brine shrimp is especially a good choice for young fry who are being weaned from the parents. Brine shrimp is a great choice for nutritional value, however the fresh shrimp is the best choice. Frozen or freeze dried brine shrimp is almost useless as almost all of the nutritional value is lost during the process.

These are just a few choices for feeding discus fish. However both of these choices are good choices for discus food, and will provide your fish with proper nutrition in order to thrive.

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