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Discus Fish are a Rewarding Breed with the Proper Water Requirements

When you are setting up your fresh water aquarium for the first time it is very important that you have some idea of what type of fish you wish to keep. Discus fish are an increasingly popular choice for aquarium hobbyists. Discus fish are beautiful fish from the Cichlid family and get their name from their shape. Discus fish are shaped like a vertical disk.

Discus fish were first discovered in the 1940’s in fresh water lakes in Africa. Since the ‘40s this breed of fish has been researched more thoroughly and now, more and more frequently there are more hybrids available due to breeder’s efforts.

Hybrid discus fish have been created through some experimentation with breeding this type of fish. When fish enthusiasts first began to attempt breeding of discus fish, they were met with complications until they came to understand the unique breeding requirements of this fish. Now there has been more success with breeding this type of fish, and hybrids are available to the discus fish enthusiast, although the hybrids can be expensive.

If you decide to raise discus fish it is beneficial if you know this before you set up your aquarium environment. Discus are a fresh water fish, however they do require optimum water conditions which can be difficult to achieve one you have your tank set up. Discus want excellent water conditions which are free from toxins, phosphates and chemicals. It is also important to have the water at the correct temperature which is between 82 and 86F. Discus fish demand a soft water and the proper pH levels which are between 5 and 6.5.

Contrary to popular belief, discus fish are not hard to keep if you provide them with the proper environment. If you are just starting out with an aquarium, discus fish may not be for you only because of the precise water conditions that they require, however they are a beautiful and rewarding fish to keep.

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