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Discus Care Requires a few Extra Steps to Ensure Proper Water Quality

Many people will tell you that by keeping a discus aquarium you are asking for trouble. That discus care is complicated and troublesome. This could not be further from the truth! Discus care is not complicated nor is it troublesome; it does however require some special attention.

With the proper discus care, your fish will be able to thrive and provide you with a lot of enjoyment. As with all species of fish, discus require special care and they have unique needs making their care slightly more involved than the care of other species.

Discus fish can be particular about their environment, especially their water conditions. When you are setting up your discus aquarium be sure to follow the appropriate guidelines for discus care and the aquarium water. Discus require a pH level between 5 and 6.5 and a temperature between 82 and 86F.

Discus are not a difficult fish to raise, they do however require a little extra attention when it comes to the water supply. Discus care does involve periodic testing of your water. You will have to test the raw water to be sure of its pH level, as well as if the water has any toxins in it. You may have to adjust the water supply to the proper pH level, as well as removing any chlorine, ammonia or other toxins.

It is also important to note with discus care, that these fish require a soft water and can not be successfully adjusted to a hard water supply. The best thing to do is to follow the proper steps and precautions to be sure that you are not providing hard water in your discus aquarium.

Without the proper water conditions when you are providing discus care to your aquarium, your fish may survive. However, improper water conditions will stress the fish and they may not breed, and their life expectancy is likely to be shortened.

With a few simple steps involving discus care you should be able to provide an environment in your discus aquarium in which your fish will be able to thrive.

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