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Discus Care for Breeding Fish is Quite Simple

It is very common that after you successfully raise discus fish for some time, you decide to extend your discus care to breeding these beautiful fish. Or perhaps, with the discus care that you provided you had some unexpected success with breeding your fish already. There are a few things that you should know about discus breeding however.

When discus fish were discovered in the 1940ís, fish enthusiasts began breeding discus in order to create more fish for commercial purposes. However, despite their best efforts, they could not provide the proper discus care to have much success with reproduction. There was no success until the late 1950ís because it was thought that discus, like other cichlids needed to be separated from their parents.

It is now known that when you are providing discus care in order to reproduce the fish, the parent fish must be kept with the young fry. This is because the parent fish produces mucus that becomes the fryís only food source after hatching.

When discus fish are ready to breed, they will pair off from other fish and may even become aggressive. The female will then lay the eggs with the male following closely to fertilize them. Both parents will guard the eggs until they hatch which is usually in two and a half to three days. Discus care should remain the same during this time.

Once the eggs hatch the discus care for their young by sucking the larvae out of the wrapping and placing them elsewhere. After about three days, the larvae will start swimming around. During this time, the larvaeís only food source is from the parent fish which has produced mucus on its scales. The fry feed off of this mucus almost exclusively until they are approximately three or four weeks old. After this time, they should be separated from the parent fish.

Breeding discus is quite simple if you know how to provide the proper discus care. Because it is impossible to accurately sex discus fish, if you are interested in breeding discus than the easiest way is to put many in a tank and wait until they pair off.

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