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African Cichlids for Beginners

As there are hundreds upon hundreds of different species of Cichlids in the world, it is important to know what makes good African Cichlids for beginners. As some of these fish are highly aggressive, require live food, or take up a great amount of space, knowing the conditions for the fish you are considering bringing aquarium guide home is important.

There are many different varieties of African Cichlids for beginners available, so while you may not be ready for Devils or other aggressive species, you can still have a beautiful tank. Some types of Cichlids you should consider are Lake Malawi Cichlids, as well as Lake Tanganyika Cichlids. Species that originate from these massive lakes are all in the school of African Cichlids.

African Cichlids for beginners have several qualities that set them apart  from other Cichlids.

First, they are not highly aggressive.

While the levels of aggressiveness is not one of the more major concerns, there are a few Cichlids that could be classified as dangerous, as they have large teeth and are more than willing to bite the hand of the unwary. As this is the case, fish that fit into this category are not suitable for beginning aquarium owners.

The most important quality an African Cichlid must have is the ability to survive.

Learning good aquarium setups for African Cichlids can take time and experimentation until you have the right combination. If you have a fish that is capable of surviving through a variety of different conditions, these fish will be more likely to survive your learning experience than more sensitive ones.

Aquarium setups for African Cichlids vary on the type of Cichlids you place into your tank due to the wide variety of species and their ranging habitats. This is something that should be researched before you make the mistake of bringing aquarium guide home a fish that you do not have the materials or habitat to care for.

Another quality African Cichlids for beginners needs is the ability to survive off of non-live food.

As many new aquarium owners are not prepared for the sometimes gruesome feedings of live feeders, it is important that you have the means to feed your fish a healthy diet so it may survive.

With the proper care and research, however, it is not difficult to set up an aquarium for African cichlids that even a beginner can manage.

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