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Betta Fish Plants

If you are looking for aquarium plants to keep with your Betta Splendens, there are many options open to you. One of the most popular, but misused varieties are the Vase Betta fish. However, with a few alterations, these beautiful vases with plants can make for attractive and comfortable aquarium guide homes for your Betta Splendens.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when you are searching for Betta fish plants, is that your fish needs two things to live comfortably. First, he or she needs adequate swimming space. This means that they need at least half of a gallon of water to survive and be healthy. More water is preferred. Second, your beta fish needs to have access to food and air. These two basic necessities tend to be neglected with vase Betta fish, which leads to a very short lifespan for your fish. Remember, with the proper care, your Betta fish should live to be two years old.

Despite the common stereotype, vase Betta fish can not survive on roots. Betta fish plants should be for decoration only. If your Betta fish is eating from the Betta fish plants that are within the tank, it is out of desperation, not choice. For a healthy fish, it is best to make certain he or she is fed twice a day with as much as can be eaten within one or two minutes. A small pinch of flaked food, or two pellets, tends to be enough for most Betta Splendens.

As long as you provide the three key things for your Betta Splendens, vase Betta fish with beautiful Betta fish plants can be a wonderful decoration that everyone can enjoy.

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