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Betta Fish Diseases

While wonderful and beautiful pets, Betta fish are susceptible to Betta fish diseases. In order to make certain that your fish can enjoy the best life possible, it is very important that you read and review Betta fish information regarding Betta fish diseases. A major preventive in diseases is knowing what causes them and making certain that the conditions your fish live in are clean. Many illnesses, such as Ich and fin rot, are caused by bad water quality, which is easily prevented if you take the time to make certain your water remains clean.

There are many signs of Betta fish diseases that you should know of so you can help your fish in case they get sick. Clamped fins, inactivity and lack of interest in food are three of the biggest trigger signs for an illness. These signs inform you that there is something unacceptable about the quality of your water or an illness that is beginning. Should you see these signs appear, you need to begin doing daily water changes, while searching for other signs of illness.

As many of the Betta fish diseases you will encounter are universal aquarium fish diseases, you can learn how to care for a larger aquarium through experience with your beta fish. White spots on your fish, that look similar to grains of salt, are the usual sign of the parasite called Ich. This can be found in fresh and salt water, and are treated with a parasite killing compound called Malachite green. There are other formulas used as well, although this one is one of the most common. Rotting fins, marked by a white, cotton appearance and red or black markings on the fins, are signs of either white cotton disease or fin rot. Both of these can usually be treated with a fungicide, such as Jungles Fungus Eliminator.

There are many other Betta fish diseases that your beautiful friend could die from, some of which are internal. These aquarium fish diseases are a lot more difficult to treat, however, and require a digested food source to eliminate, or natural healing. Should you see the three first signs of illness, and no external causes, you should begin researching the variety of different internal diseases and parasites that your fish could get. With the proper treatment, your fish may be able to survive through the illness.

With diligence and a constantly watchful eye, you should be able to prevent many of the Betta fish diseases that you encounter. If your fish does get sick, you should research the specific disease and ask your local fish store experts the best route you can take to allow your fish to recover.

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