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Aquarium Stands are Essential Pieces of Equipment for any Fish Keeper

When you first decide to keep fresh water tropical fish you might be surprised at all of the costs that are involved. Of course you will need a quality tank, filter, heating system and accessories but you will also need to choose from a large variety of aquarium stands. If you are trying to cut costs, aquarium stands are not the place to cut corners.

Why are aquarium stands important? Well, when you think about the extreme amount of weight that is placed into an aquarium, you need to have an excellent support for your tank. Depending on the size of your aquarium of course will depend on the weight of the water.

However each gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds so if you have a 10 gallon tank and fill it to the recommended level which is a little over 9 gallons, than your tank will weigh approximately 76 pounds!! Now you may realize why aquarium stands are so important!

Many people think that instead of aquarium stands, they can place their aquarium on a bookshelf or even on top of a television! However, when you realize how much water weighs you will think again. Of course you do not have to worry only about the weight of the water but also the gravel in the tank as well as any accessories that you choose.

Aquarium stands are also important because they are sturdy as well as level surfaces to place your tanks on. If the surface is not level, this may cause the tank to twist, crack and leak over time which will cause a very expensive and potentially fatal problem for your fish.

There are a number of different aquarium stands to choose from. There are wooden stands, steal, and acrylic in many different colors and styles. There is an aquarium stand to suit any décor. And with a stand you can store all of your fish accessories and food neatly in the stand instead of out in the open.

There are many good reasons to choose aquarium stands, and the proper stand is an investment that will contribute to the health and longevity of your aquarium.

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