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Tetra Submersible Pumps are an Excellent Choice for your Ornamental Fish Pond

When you set up your outdoor ornamental fish pond one of the most important things that you will need for you pond is a water pump. Tetra submersible pumps are an excellent choice for your pump needs. Tetra submersible pumps will give you the quality and high performance that you are after.

There are many different types of pond pumps on the market today, but tetra submersible pumps are high quality and high performance and they have a number of features that make them very attractive to the ornamental fish keeper.

The tetra submersible pumps take advantage or an innovative pre-filtrating system that screens particles with significantly less clogging than other, more common sponge filter systems. Also, the tetra submersible pump has a hydronis shaft which is a wear resistant ceramic which will extend the life of the pump.

The tetra submersible pumps are designed to be easy to use; they have a removable filter basket for easy cleaning. And they also have an automatic shutoff valve to prevent overheating. These pumps require very little energy and are extremely energy efficient.

The tetra submersible pumps are typically designed for use in smaller scale ponds and waterfalls as well as pebble based ponds. They are quiet and reliable and they come with a waterfall attachment, so if you are looking for some extra visual stimulation, you can easily add a waterfall to your pond environment.

Each of the tetra submersible pumps come with a three year warranty which is an extra insurance on the reliability of the pump. The pump comes in three different sizes, so you can select the pump that will work best for your pond needs. The first size pumps up to 1000 liters per hour, and this pump is suitable for ponds that are up to 2000 liters. The second size pumps 2000 liters per hour, making it suitable for ponds up to 4000 liters. And the largest size pumps 3000 liters per hour making it appropriate for ponds up to 6000 liters.

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