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Give your Fish a Little Extra Boost with Tetra Blackwater Extract

When you go into your local fish supply store, you may be overwhelmed with the incredibly large selection of different bottles and powders on the shelf. One of the most popular additives for fresh water tanks is Tetra Blackwater Extract. Tetra Blackwater Extract can be found at any major fish supply store or pet store, you can even purchase it online from fish supply wholesalers.

So what is Tetra Blackwater Extract? Well, when you look at all of those bottles and jars at the fish store you will notice that there are many different chemicals and additives on the market for fresh water tropical fish aquariums. You will find additives to promote health, eliminate algae, and eve to make fish more colorful. Tetra Blackwater Extract is designed to promote breeding, enhance health and encourage growth.

Tetra Blackwater Extract is composed of trace elements and vitamins as well as the valuable extract of peat. These components create an environment that is similar to certain parts of the Amazon River and other natural blackwater biotypes. Many of the tropical freshwater fish that you will find in the local fish stores come from blackwater environments.

When you add Tetra Blackwater Extract to the water, it creates an environment that these fish are accustomed to. The blackwater extract will promote activity among your fish, and may also encourage spawning. Many fish keepers find that when they add the extract they notice improved health and accelerated growth among their fish.

Some of the fish that will benefit from the addition of Tetra Blackwater Extract into their aquarium water are discus, angel fish, tetras and killifish. It is important to know where your fish come from however because those fish that come from a clean freshwater environment will likely not appreciate the addition of this additive.

Typically a bottle of Tetra Blackwater Extract is not very expensive and most fish keepers find it to be well worth the cost. If you are looking to give your fish a boost, Tetra Blackwater Extract is just the thing to try.

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