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The Maxi Jet 900 Powerhead is a Powerful Submersible Pump System for any Tank

You will need some sort of water pump in your aquarium to encourage water flow to keep your fish healthy. There are many different types of pumps to choose from, one type of very popular pump that you can look at is the maxi jet 900 powerhead. The maxi jet 900 powerhead is one of a line of submersible pump systems for aquariums.

The maxi jet 900 powerhead is a powerful sealed submersible pump system that can operate your under gravel filter system and it also works well with wavemakers. Wavemakers are devices that control currents and water movement within your aquarium. They are typically used in salt water tanks.

The maxi jet 900 powerhead is a relatively small unit which makes it ideal for use in fountains as well as a pump. The pump has a fully adjustable outlet which allows you to adjust the direction and aeration of the pump.

The maxi jet 900 powerhead also has an aeration feature that you can utilize as well. You can utilize this feature to aerate the water in your tank and improve the water quality. The powerhead comes equipped with airline tubing and air filter for this purpose. There are also two small tubing adapters for use with any other size tubing. When you are using the air mixing feature, the air volume can be adjusted by turning the top part of the filter.

You should note that when you use the aeration feature of the maxi jet 900 powerhead the aeration will decrease if the water volume is too low. And also, use of the aeration feature will decrease water volume.

The maxi jet 900 powerhead is perfect for any fish aquarium, and with many different maxi jet sizes there is a powerhead for every size tank and everybody’s different aquarium needs.

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