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Eheim products are the name you hear most when you are talking about items for your aquarium. They produce some of the best filters and accessories on the market today. They use the best technology available today to ensure that your aquarium is a great aquarium guide home for all your tropical fish.

All of their aquarium products are of the best quality and will ensure the safety and health of your exotic fish. They have various types of filters that are so awesome you will wonder why you didn’t choose Eheim before.

The mechanical filter is a product that is made from the best materials to ensure that it traps any uneaten food, waste, and even small tiny bits of plant. It traps the larger debris and still maintains an adequate water flow for the rest of the layers of the filter.

The adsorptive part of this product will absorb any items such as chlorine that can harm your tropical fish. This material is usually made from a carbon substance that will absorb any all types of harmful substances and residues of medication.

The chemical part of this Eheim product controls or converts its chemical makeup or characteristics including the ph balance. This is helpful for your tropical fish that come from a natural environment where the pH value is below 6.9

The biological filter from Eheim products is one of the best you can have. It will create a bacteria bed that will kill any harmful agents that may be floating around in your aquarium such as ammonia that is produced from the fish waste.

Not only, does Eheim produce filters, but they also produce many other products and accessories that will enable you to keep your fish tank clean and clear. You will even find replacement items for all of their filters.

Here you will find a complete overview of the Eheim Filter product line

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