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Eheim filter media

Eheim filter media is has an excellent quality/price ratio. Even if you are not using an Eheim filter you can use their generic products

They use the best technology today to ensure that your media filter will keep your fish tank crystal clear and your water fresh and free from harmful toxins that may harm your fish.

Eheim uses a mechanical filter that works kind of like a sieve that will trap any small particles that may be floating in the water such as uneaten food, waster and even very small pieces of plants.

Their biological filtration used in the media filter will build a living bacteria bed that will kill any toxins in your aquarium that may harm your tropical fish such as ammonia that is produced from their waste.

Eheim’s adsorptive filter media captures and holds dissolved substances with the use of such items as carbon. The items that are captured are substances like chlorine in your normal tap water that may cause problems with your fish.

Their chemical filter media is specially treated to make the water more acidic and will also lower the carbon hardness.

When you use Eheim media in your filters you know that they will remove ammonia, harmful chemicals, toxins, odors, and other contaminants, leaving your aquarium water crystal clear.

All Eheim products including their filter media are very convenient to use and are inexpensive when you consider the health and well being of your exotic fish. Their complete media filter will ensure that your fish live a long and happy life in a clean environment when you purchase and use any Eheim filter media.

Not only will your exotic fish love their clean fresh water but you will also enjoy the convenience that you have with all Eheim products. You will spend less time worrying about if your fish tank is clean and will enjoy watching their antics through clear water.

Here you will find a complete overview of the Eheim Filter product line

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