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Eheim CO2 set

To ensure that the water quality and ph balance is at the proper level for your tropical fish aquarium you should invest in an Eheim co2 set.

The normal biotopes of practically all aquarium plants and exotic fish that you wish to have in your fish tank are use to a slightly acid water that has a pH value of 6 to 7. This is the most desirable environment for your aquarium. But, our drinking water often has a higher pH value that is above 7.

You need to add acidification to achieve a lower pH value. The Eheim co2 set will do just that. Another important factor of an adequate CO2 level in your tanks water is that your plant feed on it. Exactly, photosynthesis, like you learned back at high- or even grade school. Plants need CO2 to produce the carbohydrates they need for the growth of their cells. As a by-product O2 or oxygen is produced. And that is what your fish need to breathe.

When co2 is added from this Eheim product it will produce carbonic acid when it dissolves in water. This is what changes the pH value to the desired value. You fish will believe that they are back at aquarium guide home in their tropical fresh water environment and can also enjoy a longer and happier life.

The Eheim co2 system will automatically will supply just the correct amount of co2 enrichment in doses that will create a perfect balance for all of your aquarium plants and tropical fish.

The entire co2 manufactured by Eheim is very simple to operate and does even have extended modules. The co2 is added to your fish tank water from refillable depot bottles. The co2 set comes complete with a pressure reducer, reactor and a very easy device for permanent co2 testing.

Never leave the pH value of your aquarium to guess work again. Invest in a Eheim co2 set that will ensure that pH value is always at a perfect level for your exotic fish and plants that you enjoy collecting. This will give you less to worry about and more time to enjoy your favorite hobby. Enjoy watching your exotic fish in the closest water environment to their own aquarium guide home.

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