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An Eheim canister filter will take away most of your worries for the safe environment for your tropical aquarium fish.

The canister filters made by Eheim all have the same unique filter media that has various functions. Each one holds back dirt particles and any other floating debris, and they also will ensure that the biological conversion of toxic waste of the water.

They will ensure that ideal water conditions are met when the filter media is used correctly. There are three basic types of media used to maintain the quality of your fish tank water. They are mechanical, biological and chemical. But, Eheim has included another one to this list that other manufacturers may not use and that is adsorptive.

Eheim filters in the canister line are known for easy handling and service. These unique filters guarantee stable footer and greater filter volume. The professional grade 2222 allows for everything to fit exactly into a single unit. The filter media has retraceable handles which enables easy setup and cleaning of the filter media.

Eheim also has a professional wet/dry canister filter that works so much better than the trickle filter. The water flows in two directions over the bacteria bed which gives more contact time, this will give the water more time to clean and add oxygen. The water coming out of the filter pulsates and makes a wavelike action that your exotic fish are sure to love.

Another wonderful canister style from Eheim filters is the Professional grade with integrated heating. This is a unique filter that it not only has a filtration and circulation system but will also maintain precise temperature. It has an electronic thermostat and built in heating element. This is a wonderful way to keep your tropical fish comfortable. They will think they are back aquarium guide home in their tropical paradise.

Here you will find a complete overview of the Eheim Filter product line

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