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Eheim Accessories and Add-ons

Eheim is the number one manufacturer of aquarium filters. To complement their products they carry a broad range of accessories or add-ons.

Eheim has so many wonderful accessories for you fish tank that you can get an urge to buy all of them. And in fact you could. They are all useful. Like their filters their add-ons are built for functionality.

They have a pre-filter that will trap all the coarse items before they can even get to your filter.

The gravel cleaner set is also an awesome tool that you will find in the accessories department when you look at Eheim products. This tool will aid in cleaning the gravel layer at the bottom of your aquarium.

The sludge extractor and the surface suction extractor are great tools for helping to remove sludge and dirt from the gravel. It comes with a maintenance free suction pump and batteries. The surface suction extractor accessory skims the protein layer of the water surface. This will improve the oxygen content of your aquarium.

They also have a wonderful priming aid in the accessories line that will save you more time than you can imagine. You will also have no need to suck on the hose to siphon the dirty water in order to replace it with clean water. It works well with all external filters and is also more sanitary.

Eheim’s gravel filters can be found among the accessories. This tool will raise the dirt to the top of the gravel so it can flow into the filter intake. This is a great accessory for keeping your aquarium and free from dirt and debris that may be harmful to your tropical fish. This dirt and debris can also cause discoloration and odor that can do better without.

Here you will find a complete overview of the Eheim Filter product line

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