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Eheim 2252 Internal Filter

The Eheim 2252 internal filter is a modular filter whose design allows you to increase or decrease the filter area for maximum filtration capacity. It can be used with or without frames for installation in almost every type of aquarium. This is an ideal filter for both fresh and marine water aquariums.

The power consumption of the Eheim 2252 internal filter is 28 watts and the unit is protected from overheating through a safety circuit that meets international safety requirements. It is designed for aquariums of up to 53 gallons in size and has a pump output of 317 gallons per hour. It weighs just 3.75 pounds and has a volume of 0.18 gallons.

The output of the Eheim 2252 internal filter can be sprayed or diffused with optional attachments to the output nozzle. The direction of the output flow can be easily adjusted and the whole unit attaches to the aquarium sides through the use of suction cups.

Each module on the Eheim 2252 internal filter can be separately removed for cleaning, and partial cleaning of the filter is possible to allow for the retention of bacterial cultures necessary for biological filtering.

Various filtration media can be combined to maximize the capacity of the Eheim 2252 internal filter. The filter cartridge is replaceable and can be used with the activated carbon filter. This filter is useful for absorbing harmful materials such as colorants and contaminants. It is constructed from open cell foam which is impregnated with activated carbon which is pH neutral.

Eheim filter cartridges used with the Eheim 2252 internal filter provide maximum mechanical filtration due to the special foam which is used in their manufacturing. They are high volume cartridges which increase their efficiency and add to their usefulness as biological filters. They are easily interchangeable and can be fully or partially cleaned to retain existing bacterial cultures.

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