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Eheim 2250 Canister Filter

Dependability is important when choosing an aquarium filter, and some of the most trustworthy filters on the market today are Eheim classical canister filters. They are based on proven technology that was developed by Eheim and perfected through many years of continual development. One of the largest filters in the classic series is the Eheim 2250 canister filter.

Designed for tanks which are about 265 gallons in size, the Eheim 2250 canister filter has a pump output of 264 gallons per hour and has a volume of 3.2 gallons. It weighs in at 15 pounds and measures 16 inches in height and is 16 inches wide.

The Eheim 2250 canister filter has several features that make it easy to maintain. The silicone sealing ring efficiently locks the canister after cleaning and is attached to the pump head. Parts are readily available if the filter ever needs servicing, but many people run this filter for years without any problems.

A variety of filter media can be used in the Eheim 2250 canister filter. The larger sponge on the bottom of the canister functions as both a mechanical and biological filter. It removes large particles and algae bloom from the water and after a time it harbours the beneficial bacteria that help protect your aquarium. A mechanical filter can also serve to agitate the water flow which allows subsequent layers of filter media to perform more efficiently.

Absorbtive filter media can be used in the Eheim 2250 canister filter to remove chemical substances like chlorine and alkaline. Absorbtive filters are usually made from activated carbon and must be used for short periods before being removed from the aquarium. If left in the tank, they will release the toxic material they have collected.

Chemical filters can also be used to change the makeup of the water in your aquarium. Peat filter media can be used in the Eheim 2250 canister filter to make the water more acidic. This media is especially useful in treating soft water and to make the aquarium water similar to natural tropical waters.

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