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Eheim 2012 Internal Filter

Eheim is well known for their reliable and easy-to-use pump, and the Eheim 2012 internal filter is no exception to their quality products. Designed for aquariums which hold 25 to 50 gallons of water, this filter has a pump output of between 57 and 148 gallons per hour. It has a volume of 0.12 gallons and uses 6 watts of electricity.

The Eheim 2012 internal filter is very easy to clean. It features a removable filter canister that separates from the pump and cable, which stay in the tank during cleaning. This convenient setup makes maintaining and cleaning your aquarium so much easier.

For great oxygenization of the aquarium water, the Eheim 2012 internal filter has a built-in air diffuser that releases a steady stream of bubbles into the aquarium when the nozzle is pushed. Thanks to this feature you do not need a separate air pump when using this filter.

The sponge in the Eheim 2012 internal filter functions as both a mechanical and biological filter. It removes foreign particles and sludge from the aquarium water, and after a period of time it will harbor beneficial bacteria which serve to remove impurities from the water.

Because of the living bacteria that are present in the filter, it is necessary to wash the filter with care. When you see that the Eheim 2012 internal filter is not functioning to its full capacity, it is time to remove the sponge and rinse it off. Do not rinse it in tap water as the chlorine and other chemicals may kill the beneficial bacteria. Instead, simply rinse it in aquarium water that you have removed from the tank.

You can use various filter media in the Eheim 2012 internal filter. Activated charcoal filters can be used to remove chemical impurities such as medications and chlorine, and chemical filters can be used to alter the quality of your water to suit the type of fish that you are keeping in the tank.

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