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Eheim 2008 Internal Filter

For those with smaller sized aquariums, the classic canister filters from Eheim are proven performers that provide all the filtering capacity you need. The Eheim 2008 internal filter is designed for aquariums that are about 7.5 to 15 gallons in size. They provide a pump output of between 40 to 80 gallons per hour and their volume is just 0.005 gallons. They use a minuscule 4 watts of electricity, making them one of the most economical filters on the market today.

Canister filters can be used in combination with other types of filters, and the Eheim 2008 internal filter is ideal for larger tanks with a multi-filter installation. It can be added to an aquarium with an undergravel filter, for example, to remove free-floating debris that would otherwise be drawn down into the gravel. This two-filter system keeps your tank cleaner and the water quality at its peak level.

A canister filter can also be used in conjunction with a wet/dry filter. The Eheim 2008 internal filter can serve as a pre-filter to remove solid waste before passing through the trickle filter for increased biological filtering.

Used by itself, the Eheim 2008 internal filter can serve as a mechanical filter to remove foreign material and larval blooms. It can be used continuously or only during tank cleaning and maintenance. The versatility of this filter lends itself to many different aquarium setups.

As a biological filer, the Eheim 2008 internal filter is sufficient for smaller aquariums, but for larger tanks, it’s better to leave the biological filtering to a separate wet/dry filter or live rock system. The relatively small size of this Eheim filter means that there is not a lot of space for bio-media.

The Eheim 2008 internal filter can be used for chemical filtration to change the quality of your water supply. Granulated active carbon filter pads are used in the cartridge to remove traces of contaminants such as medications, and when used in conjunction with absorbtive media, can remove nitrates, phosphates and other harmful chemicals from the water.

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