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Eheim 2006 Internal Filter

If you are looking for a dependable filter for a smaller size aquarium, the Eheim 2006 internal filter is the way to go. Designed for aquariums which are about 12 gallons in size, this filter has a variable pump output between 13 and 47 gallons per hour. This is a small unit that takes up just 0.02 gallons in volume, and the power consumption is just 3.5 watts.

The base and the back plate of the Eheim 2006 internal filter are attached to the aquarium with suction cups which provide a secure grip underwater. This leaves the impeller and the filter chamber free to be detached from the cylinder itself. This allows free access for cleaning the filter and changing filter media.

The output of the Eheim 2006 internal filter is fully directional and uses a venturi attachment. Directly below the impeller is the sponge, and both impeller and sponge are easy to reach. The filter has been designed so that all water which flows through the filter has to pass through the sponge, quickly cleaning up debris and effluent.

The single sponge in the Eheim 2006 internal filter could cause problems for bacterial filtering as the sponge will stop acting as a bacterial filter after washing. It’s best to have two sponges in any filter so that they can be cleaned alternately. To get around this problem, the single sponge in this filter can be cut in half.

A variety of filter media can be used in the Eheim 2006 internal filter to suit the filtering needs of your aquarium. Mechanical, biological, chemical and absorbtive filters can all be used in combination. Absortive filters can be used when you first set up your aquarium to remove toxic materials from tap water and aquarium medication.

For daily long term use, you should use biological and mechanical media in your Eheim 2006 internal filter. These will provide a clean and safe aquatic environment for your fish to thrive in.

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