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The Aquaclear Powerhead 301 is an Excellent Choice for a Powerhead in your Aquarium

So how will you base your decision for selecting a powerhead? There are so many different features and benefits to examine before making your choice, and there is a large variety of brands to choose from. One brand to examine before making your choice is the aquaclear powerhead 301. The aquaclear powerhead 301 is a submersible pump that has an excellent reputation.

Hagan is the manufacturer of the aquaclear line as well as a number of other different products for your aquarium. If fact you may already own an aquaclear product. The aquaclear powerhead 301 is a submersible pump for use in under gravel filtration systems, protein skimmers and other places that a powerhead is generally used.

The aquaclear powerhead 301 pumps 174 gallons per hour and it is said to give you trouble free operation for year. The powerhead is very adjustable as it fits all stem sizes from to 1-1/8. And the clamp provided should fit most aquarium frames. There is a horizontal adjustment so that you can adjust the depth of the powerhead as well. Make sure that you position your powerhead right

By adding the aquaclear powerhead 301 to your tank you will be oxygenating the water in your aquarium which will provide oxygen to the beneficial bacteria in the gravel which in turn will increase the efficiency of the biological filtration process.

Another feature of the aquaclear powerhead 301 is that you can turn it into an internal dirt filter by adding another Hagan product, the aquaclear quick filter. By doing this, you will be able to rapidly remove any suspended waste in your aquarium.

The aquaclear powerhead 301 is recommended for tanks of approximately 30 gallons; however there are other powerheads in the line that will accommodate larger tanks. The 201 model is for 20 gallon aquariums, the 402 model is for 50 gallon tanks, the 802 is for 75 gallon tanks, and the 901 powerhead model is recommended for tanks 100 gallons and more.

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