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A Zoo Med Powerhead Offers Many Features from a Reputable Company

There are so many choices available to you, so many different brands and different features, how are you supposed to choose a powerhead? One of the many quality powerheads available on the market today is a zoo med powerhead. You can choose from three different sizes when you choose a zoo med powerhead, and they have excellent features.

You may require a powerhead to increase the efficiency of your under gravel filtration system. A zoo med powerhead is just the tool for this job, it will increase the flow rate and efficiency of your under gravel filtration system. Please make sure that you properly position the powerhead

Another excellent feature of a zoo med powerhead is the automatic rotating feature. The automatic rotating feature creates greater surface agitation which allows a higher oxygen exchange rate. Oxygen is important for your aquarium for fish health as well as plant growth and health. Without a sufficient flow of oxygen, your fish will not thrive and your tank will become over run by algae and the health of your fish and plants will suffer. On the other hand, don't overdo it. Surface agitation also drives out the CO2 from the water. And CO2 is the main nutrient for your aquatic plants.

A zoo med powerhead is an excellent choice for your aquarium especially if your aquarium contains live plants. This is because of the higher oxygen exchange rate that the zoo med powerhead provides. This is excellent for superior plant growth.

There are three sizes of zoo med powerheads available, so there is sure to be a perfect size for your aquarium. There is the powersweep 214 which is good for tanks up to 30 gallons; the powersweep 226 is perfect for tanks up to 50 gallons; and the powersweep 228 which is appropriate for tanks up to 75 gallons.

Zoo med powerheads come from a brand that is very well established in the aquarium industry. When you are choosing a powerhead it is important to choose one that is suitable for your tank and your own needs, however it is also important to make a purchase from a reputable manufacturer.

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